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About Submitting Issues/Hazards

Issue Reporter Allows Stakeholders to Report Hazards & Events to Management

SMS Pro's Issue Reporting module is a risk management tool that gives employees a simple, efficient, and secure method of reporting any type of workplace event, including safety, security, quality, compliance or environmental.

SMS Pro's Issue Reporting module provides employees with an open avenue of communication to report workplace problems anonymously and confidentially. These reported issues allow management to concentrate on minimizing operational risk, improving safety and protecting assets.

Reporting Issues using this module ensures proper managers are notified when issues have been reported. Feedback is immediately provided to reporters via email. This email includes a link so reporters can follow up and view what measures have been taken to mitigate risk or to resolve the reported issue.

External Audit Findings & Concerns
After receiving a list of audit findings or concerns from an external auditor, these items can be submitted as a group of related items. When managing these items in the Issue Manager, one can easily generate a Corrective Action Plan and submit to relevant stakeholders.

Quick Reports
When reporters don't have time to devote to lengthy report, they can opt to submit a "Quick Report," which consists merely of:
  • Title;
  • Description; and
  • Recommended Corrective Action.

Highlights on How to Submit an Issue

How to Submit Issues

To submit an issue, first click on "Submit a New Issue" under "My Safety" on the menu bar.  This will load the "Report Issues" wizard.  You can navigate through the wizard using the "Next" and "Previous" buttons.  After the issue is submitted, the system will send you an email with a link to the issue in the Issue Manager module where risk management occurs.

If your SMS Admin has configured maps, you can right-click on the map to add markers where the event occurred. You can also right-click on placed markers to remove them.

If more than one map is available, they will be listed at the right side of the map. Select location links to change configured airports. These airports are configured by SMS Admins in Setup >> Customize Settings on the Initial Settings tab.

Nature of the Issue/Concern

In this section you will define the type of issue you are submitting. Optionally, you can switch to a more suitable language.  You can check the "Anonymous Report" checkbox if you want to submit the issue anonymously.  You can also signal to management that you don't want other employees to view this report and to treat it as a "sensitive" item.

You have the option of being notified when the issue is closed or whenever comments are made regarding this issue.

You will specify the division to which the issue applies, and the type of issue (safety, security, quality, or compliance).  If you are submitting a safety issue, you will also specify the type of safety report.

When one selects "Compliance" as the type of issue, one can select a recent audit to associate the reported issue with, or, alternatively, create a new audit by selecting the green "Add" button that appears.

If airports/heliports are configured in your portal, you will be able select the associated Base/Location of this event or hazard.

Custom Safety Issues

In this section you will enter details for the issue.  This section is only accessible for flight related safety issues.  This section will not be accessible if you selected a type of issue other than safety, or if you selected "General/Occupational Safety" as the type of safety report.

Title, Short Description and Recommended Corrective Action

Here you should give the issue a descriptive title.  You should also provide a brief description of the issue and recommend a solution for management to implement that may help prevent this issue recurring in the future.

Where and When Occurred

This section allows you to provide information about where and when the issue occurred.

Entities Involved - People Involved/Witnesses, Vehicles/Aircraft

Here you can identify people who are associated with the issue.  For each person you identify, you can enter their name, their phone number, their job title or position, and their role in the issue (if they were a witness, a victim, a supervisor, or otherwise involved).  After entering all available information for a person, click the "Add" button to add their information to the issue.

When vehicles or aircraft are involved and these items are present on the "Entities Involved," select them before proceeding.

This section allows you to review the information you have entered.  If you want to add or edit anything, you can use the "Previous" button to return to previous sections. 

Add Attachments
If images are available, submit them at this point.

If you are ready to submit the issue, click the "Finish" button.

After submitting the issue, management is notified and you are sent an email thanking you for submitting the issue.

Using Quick Report to Submit Issues
Use Quick Report to report minor issues quickly with few details to share - Quick Report will save you time. For a normal issue, it may take 2-3 minutes to report an issue. With Quick Report, it only takes 30 seconds.

Quick Report allows little flexibility -- it was designed to be quick. To add more details, use the regular reporting form. 

Custom Reporting Forms

Why do we need custom reporting forms?
Many companies have been using paper-based reports for many years.  They may need to continue using these reporting forms for continuity or to ease the transition to a new SMS system.

Some companies are required by regulatory agencies to report issues in a particular format.

Sample forms that we have created:
  • Bird Strike Forms
  • Maintenance Work Orders
  • Medical Transport
  • Aerodrome Inspections

How do we acquire custom reporting forms?
Contact to request your reporting forms. Provide us your reporting forms for  a quote. Cost of forms depend on their complexity and the number of reports. Historically, these reporting forms have cost approximately $1,000 to $3,000.

Why is there not a custom reporting form module to create custom reporting forms?
In an earlier version of SMS Pro™, we had a Custom Reporting Form Creator module. This module allowed for initial reporter risk assessment and reporter classification of the reported issue. These forms also afforded escalation functionality based on reporter risk assessment and classification.

The time and energy required to create these custom reporting forms exceeded the value received. In short, NWDS can create your reporting forms much easier and cheaply than your company.

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