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Best Aviation Safety Management Hazard Reporting Database Software for Airports, Airlines, MROs, FBOs, Flight SchoolsAviation SMS Database Best for ICAO Complying Airports, Airlines, FBOs, MROs, Maintenance Flight Operations Safety Management

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SMS Pro™ Support offers technical support and other resources online. SMS Pro™ is customized to meet your needs.

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Why choose SMS Pro™ as your SMS database software?

Over five years acceptance and use in:
  • Canada;
  • Australia;
  • Middle East;
  • Africa;
  • Latin America; and
  • United States.

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Independent consultants frequently compare SMS Pro™ to other products. They find SMS Pro™ excels in:
  • Customer Service - Clients always praise our prompt, professional and friendly responses.
  • Completeness - Very full-featured
  • Price
  • Flexibility / Customizability

Small Companies Benefit Using Free Version

Take a quick tour of SMS Pro
Free version discontinued on 12/15/2012

SMS Data Management Videos (5-Minutes Max)

1) Introduction

  • Overview of ICAO Requirements
  • Common Data Management Strategies

2) Distributed Data Management

  • Process Flow & Challenges of Distributed Methods
  • Data Access Very Limited
  • Instant Reports Impossible
  • Inefficient and Costly
  • Lost Opportunity Costs

3) Centralized SMS Data Management

  • Data Accessible to Entire Organization
  • Real-Time Access
  • Instant Reports
  • Which System is Best for Your Organization?

4) Elements of Centralized Data Management

  • Centralized Database
  • Web Server
  • File Server

5) Benefits of Centralized Data Management

  • Availability
  • Easy Upgrades
  • Cost Effective

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